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Codes of Conduct

Conservation Code for Sea Anglers 

To download a copy of the conservation code for sea anglers please click here.  If you would like hard copies of the leaflet please contact the Marine Biodiversity Officer at the North Wales Fisheries Unit (Welsh Government) on 01248 716230 or email her at

Ceredigion Marine Code

Boats have been used around the Welsh coastline for hundred of years and we still have dolphins and other wildlife.  So why are we asking that boat users follow a code of conduct now?  The main reason is due to the increase in the number of fast, highly manoeuvrable vessels that are now in use, which if driven irresponsibly, have the can disturb wildlife and even cause direct harm.

The Ceredigion code of conduct sets out sensible guidelines that if followed will minimise the disturbance to wildlife and ensure that UK laws protecting it are not broken. 

To download a copy of the Ceredigion Marine Code please click here.



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