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Having the confidence to impart any private information to the Relevant Authorities via online forms or applications requires reassurance - it's important to us that, when you choose to do so, your privacy is not compromised and that we behave in a clear, responsible manner.
We regard protecting your personal information as critically important - we will only ever require this information to provide current services and plan for future service areas.
Any personal information provided by you is stored in databases owned by the Relevant Authorities an organisation used by the Relevant Authorities to provide on line services on its behalf.
Unless prompted through law we will never impart any personal information to companies, businesses or individuals. 


When you visit our site our web server talks directly to your web browser to display and render information correctly. It also tags the browser with information about your visit and the browser in turn saves this information in a basic text file.
When you choose to return to the information is subsequently sent back to the server each time your browser requests a page and 'talks' to the server.
The cookies we use provide us with information regarding the behavior of users within our site - what areas are of interest to them and what services they frequently use, etc. No sensitive information such as telephone numbers or email addresses are stored within these cookies.
Most web browsers accept cookies by default. However, if you are uncomfortable with cookies, you may be able to set your web browser to refuse all cookies or to let you know when a cookie is sent to your computer - you can then choose whether to accept the cookie, or not.

Please Note

The Pen Llŷn a’r Sarnau website uses cookies to function bilingually and to remember the user’s language preference.
To make it easier for you to browse through the website in a fully bilingual manner cookies need to be enabled on your computer. If you choose to disable cookies on your computer it’s possible that the website will not function in such a sophisticated manner. It is possible that you will find yourself in the Welsh version of each page as you browse through the site and you will need to click on the English button in the top right hand corner to view the English version of the page.

The Relevant Authorities can update these terms at any time. You should visit this page occasionally to review the information provided to you as a user.

The Relevant Authorities for the Pen Llŷn a’r Sarnau SAC are listed as follows:
•    Gwynedd Council
•    Ceredigion County Council
•    Powys County Council
•    Snowdon National Park Authority
•    Welsh Water
•    Severn Trent
•    North Western and North Wales Sea Fisheries Committee
•    Trinity House
•    Environment Agency
•    Countryside Council for Wales

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