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Visiting schools

One of the most important aspects of managing a marine SAC is raising awareness.  Many people think that Welsh waters are very cold and dark with not a lot living there.  But nothing could be further from the truth.  It is true that our waters are cold but this does not stop us from having a huge variety of sea creatures living right under our noses, just out of sight.  We hope that by showing people what we have in our waters that they will do more to help protect our oceans.  Simple things like taking your litter home or not pouring cooking oil down the sink.

With this in mind the SAC Officer does a lot of work with schools.  The SAC Officer is available at anytime of the year – although it might be nicer to work with her in the spring / summer if you would like to venture down to the beach!  Below is an outline of what is available, however this can be tailored to any theme that you are teaching e.g. habitats, food webs etc.

What the SAC Officer can offer on a school visit:

  • Colourful presentations – this can cover a number of topics including adaptation to different habitats, food webs, how you can help to conserve the marine environment etc;
  • Workshop in the classroom – the SAC Officer normally brings things such as shells, seaweed, egg cases etc into the classroom, the pupils are given work sheets and identification guides and are asked to identify what they see using a key;
  • Mobile exhibition – the SAC Officer can bring the new mobile exhibition with educational games to your school;
  • Field studies – if you are close to a beach or have transport then the SAC Officer can take the pupils down to the beach where they are given work sheets and are asked to identify the different habitats on the beach and then to see what creatures they can find.  Finally they have to think why the creature lives where it does – how has it adapted to that habitat;
  • Art and/or photography based workshop – learning about the marine environment through the medium of art .

The above options can be combined, depending on how much time we have.  The SAC Officer can cater for any age.

For more information or to book a visit please contact the SAC Officer.



Nudibranch Sea potato

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